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In 2013, we initiated the Irish Wildlife Trust to conduct a survey of Clondalkin Park and sections of River Camac in association with Dr. Rosaleen Dwyer, Heritage Officer, South Dublin County Council.


The object was to assess the biodiversity value of Clondalkin Park and to produce a report outlining findings and recommendations. Although overall the park is an open grassland area used by the public principally for leisure and sporting activities, the River Camac, with its associated riparian woodland and vegetation, acts as a bio‐diverse and important centre piece.


The full IWT Survey can be found here


Bird species recorded in Clondalkin Park during the survey

Aegithalus caudatus -  Long tailed tit

Alcedo atthis -  Kingfisher

Anas platyrhynchos - Mallard duck

Apus apus  - Swift

Ardea cinera - Heron

Carduelis carduelis - Goldfinch

Columba palumbus - Wood Pigeon

Carduelis chloris - Greenfinch

Corvus monedula - Jackdaw

Corvus frugilegus - Rook

Cygnus olor - Mute swan

Erithacus rubecula - Robin

Fringilla coelobs - Chaffinch

Gallinula chloropus - Moorhen

Hirundo rustica - Swallow

Larus argentatus - Herring gull

Larus fuscus - Lesser black backed gull

Motacilla alba - Pied wagtail

Motacilla cinereaGrey wagtail

Pica pica - Magpie

Parus caeruleusBlue tit

Parus major - Great tit

Passer domesticus - House sparrow

Periparus ater - Coal tit

Phylloscopus trochilus - Willow warbler

Prunella modularis - Dunnock

Pyrrhula pyrrhula - Bullfinch

Streptopelia decaocta - Collared Dove

Sturnus vulgaris - Starling

Sylvia atricapilla - Blackcap

Turdus merula - Blackbird

Turdus philomelos - Song thrush

Troglodytes troglodytes - Wren