Current Projects

Projects form an important part of Clondalkin Tidy Towns. Litter is often mistaken as the primary focus of the Tidy Towns work but the Tidy Towns initiative is much more than that issue alone. Tidy Towns is about looking at your town and identifying how to highlight the social, cultural and historical uniqueness for all to understand and enjoy.

Clondalkin Tidy Towns is working with the South Dublin County Council alongside a number of organisations, schools, residential associations, business and community groups in developing new projects. No project is too big or too small as long as it enhances Clondalkin for all to enjoy.

The following are projects that our group is working on during this year:

 - Landscaping/Planting Scheme
 - Round Tower Site
 - Clondalkin Park & Leisure Centre
 - River Camac
 - Mount St. Josephs
 - Tree Planting
 - Derelict Sites
 - Newlands Cross