Sustainable Waste and Resource Management

Sustainable Waste and Resource Management


Tidy Towns Result 2012: 4/20


Tidy Towns Result 2013: 5/20


TidyTowns 2013 comments: Well done to all involved in the 6 schools that are in the Green Flag Programme. They will prove to be potential partners to your mutual benefit in this and other categories. Clondalkin TidyTowns is commended for taking part in An Taisce’s Green Homes initiative. Another useful web site to promote to your community is which is currently advertising on radio. Rain water harvesting and composting are important but there are higher priorities. The entry form has an illustration of the hierarchy of priorities in the form of a waste pyramid. In the entry form each category sets out criteria for that category. The first one in this category is “Promotion of best practice in waste and resource management”. You are already doing that in
relation to Green Homes. You will find advice and tips on pages 44/45 in the TidyTowns Handbook.




Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013


• School Green Flags

Colaiste Bride - 5 Green Flags - The school has recently developed an organic and herb garden to introduce a variety of birds and animals with birdfeeders, birdhouses and edible plants. They also made a bug motel for insects and their teacher Ms Harrington is currently doing a Bee keeping course.


St. Josephs National Boys School – 2 Green Flags - The school is currently working towards their third Green Flag. The pupils play a very active role in looking after the school – planting flowers and shrubs, working in the school garden and their very own litter team makes sure the school is always clean and tidy.


Scoil Ide – 2 Green Flags – To date, Scoil Ide have received 2 Green Flags under Litter and Waste and Energy categories. They will be starting work on their third flag very soon


Gaelscoil na Camoige – 1 Flag - To date, Gaelscoil na Camoige has 1 Green Flag and the school is working on achieving its second flag in the coming year.


Gaelscoil Cluain Dolcain – 3 Flags - The school has been awarded three Green Flags in the last number of years and they are aiming to receive a fourth one during this school year. Múinteoir Tomás organizes the Green School Committee and the students work really hard in achieving those Green Flags.


Scoil Mhuire – 5 Green Flags – The school, which has been participating in the Green Flag Initiative for the past 10 years, won their 5th flag for bio-diversity in the last year. This makes Scoil Mhuire the first school in West Dublin to be awarded 5 flags.


• Green Homes Initiative – We are actively taking part in An Taisce's Green Home initiative where we ask residents of Clondalkin to register under our name and take part in a short survey on their recycling habits in the home. So far we have has a slow take up but over the next 12 months we will seek increased activity through promotion online, in newspapers and at school and public talks/meetings.


• Rain water harvesting – We are currently investigating the possibility of installing community rain harvesting systems in secure locations around the village in order to help the group water planted areas.


• Composting Master Classes – We will be taking part in a composting master class organised by SDCC during the summer and we will then identify secure locations to install composters to allow us compost all green material we collect such as grass and hedge clippings.


• Clondalkin Fair Trade Town – We are currently supporting the attempts to make Clondalkin a recognised Fair Trade town. This involves the promotion of the current application and we will also include Fair Trade shops on our website and online (facebook)

Litter Control & Tidiness

Litter Control 



Tidy Towns 2012 Result: 24/50


Tidy Towns 2013 Result: 25/50


TidyTowns 2013 comments: The frequency of your litter patrols was noted. Also, the litter picking by the secondary school students is commended. About An Taisce’s Nationa Spring Clean, perhaps you would include in your entry form the number of bags of rubbish that were collected. That would allow you to track whether the litter problem was increasing/decreasing. This year’s Spring Clean must have yielded a record number of bags considering the state of the Clondalkin Leisure Centre and its environs. It is noted that you have started discussions with
secondary schools to have them “adopt a patch” and hope that your discussions are fruitful. Your involvement in
the anti-gum litter awareness campaign and the dog litter awareness campaign was noted. At Riversdale/St
Killians the litter bin at the pedestrian crossing was overflowing with litter around the base.



Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013


We have regular communication with estates and we actively encourage and support the setting up of new residents groups & associations in the area who are now taking care of their estate entrance and surrounding areas.


• Sruleen Area
• Woodford Area
• Riversdale
• St. Killians
• Moyle Crescent
• St. Johns Road
• St. Johns Wood
• Monastery Heath


Our group carries out the following clean up days during the year

• 3 litter picks per week during May – Oct 12
• 2 litter picks per week during Oct 12 – March 13
• 4 litter picks per week during April – May 13


Between 15-20 people per litter pick.


• School talks


• Weekly tidy towns clean up by secondary school students from Colaiste Bride, Moyle Park and Colaiste Chilliain. Equipment supplied by Clondalkin Tidy Towns.


• Discussions have begun with secondary schools to 'adopt a patch' for the coming school year with Clondalkin Tidy Towns supporting them by providing new equipment.


• Letters to business seeking their support and asking for outside of premises be kept clean & tidy.


• We took part in the launch of the Anti-Gum Litter awareness campaign in 2012


• We were involved in the launch of a Dog Litter awareness campaign with SDCC.


• We carried out an audit of Bring Banks in Clondalkin village area and this included drafting a report on the location, the type of bring banks at each location and their current condition. We intend sending this report to SDCC to seek assistance on several fronts to combat illegal dumping and anti-social behavior at the bank locations.


• We requested the installation of new bins and removal of old bins from locations throughout Clondalkin.


• We coordinate our litter picking with SDCC in order that bags are collected promptly from designated locations.





Tidy Towns 2012 Result: 16/30


Tidy Towns 2013 Result: 17/30


TidyTowns 2013 comments: Well done on the graffiti master class and removal. The poster ban is excellent but there are still cable ties on telegraph poles, etc. The removal of illegal advertising is commended. In the Litter Control category you gave details of an audit of Bring Banks. Would you please give their location in next year’s entry form to assist next year’s adjudicator in locating them. The Bring Bank at Dunnes Stores was clean and tidy. Your weed control programme is effective. Few were evident on adjudication day. As mentioned elsewhere in this report there is a serious graffiti problem at Clondalkin Leisure Centre and on utility boxes. As with litter, the war on graffiti may not be won but the battle must continue relentlessly.



Summary of projects undertaken for this year


• Graffiti Master Class


• Graffiti removal


• Introduction of a voluntary Village Poster Ban


• Removal of illegal advertising


• Street signage audit


• Painting of street furniture and signage


• Spraying of weeds – We have treated the weeds in the following areas throughout the last year;

- Ninth Lock Road
- Watery Lane
- Orchard Road
- Clondalkin Leisure Centre
- Old Nangor Road
- Monastery Road
- New Road
- Convent Road
- Boot Road
- Village area including car parks


Wildlife & Nature Amenities

Wildlife & Nature Amenities


Tidy Towns Result 2012:  17/50


Tidy Towns Result 2012:  18/50


TidyTowns 2013 comments: The Clondalkin Leisure Centre report and the Camac River survey made interesting, if distressing, reading. The official neglect of these precious amenity areas is almost beyond belief. It is without question the most littered, vandalised and graffitied public amenity that this adjudicator has seen and ever wants to see. In your tree planting programme please include fruit trees to provide food for wildlife. Also, many of the schools have mature trees and could put up bird boxes in these. They could also be encouraged to monitor these to determine which are used and by what species. They could also be encouraged to plant flowers that attract butterflies. Many of the schools are in the Green Flag Programme and these practical projects would fit in with that programme.




Future Scope:




Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 /2013

• We carried out a study of the lands of Clondalkin Leisure Centre and Clondalkin Park. The lands of Clondalkin Leisure Centre and the River Camac that flows through the park are key elements of the Clondalkin Tidy Towns entry in the national tidy towns competition. The park and river provide the group with an important wildlife and nature amenity.


• The Clondalkin Tidy Towns group also commissioned a study of the river Camac and sections of the park to establish current flora and fauna and to identify ways to conserve the existing amenities and encourage wildlife, nature trails by providing appropriate signage and access. The survey was carried out by Katherine Duff and Fridolin Kerr of the Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club with assistance from Roisin Kearney of An Taisce.


We presented both reports to SDCC and all local elected representatives to highlight issues while also showcasing the work we have done on all fronts. Our National Spring Clean 2013 event took place in Clondalkin Park where over 50 people turned out to help pick litter, remove graffiti and clean sections of the river.




Tidy Towns 2012 Result: 28/50


Tidy Towns 2013 Result: 30/50


TidyTowns 2013 comments: You have a very active planting programme. However, the emphasis may be a little too much on flowers rather than shrubs and trees. Your summer colours are vibrant and uplifting but TidyTowns does like to see planting for year round effect in addition to the lovely hanging baskets and well filled planters around the town. The Civic Centre Plaza would be the poorer but for the large wooden planters. A TidyTowns team hard at work on St John’s Wood spotted this adjudicator and salutations were exchanged.



Objective: Appropriate selection and siting of trees, shrubs and flowers for a year-round effect, maintenance of planted areas, management of open areas.


Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013


As part of our tree planting project, and in conjunction with South Dublin County Council, we had 22 new trees planted around the village (locations shown on map)

• 20 hornbeam
• 2 silver birch



New flower beds:


Monastery Road


• Monastery Road outside Round Towers Pitches
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)
• New Bed near Woodford Hill roundabout near entrance to SIAC
• We have identified the small roundabout at the top of Monastery Road near IBIS hotel for planting of a feature tree and shrubs. We hope to carry out this work during summer 2013.


Boot Road

• 2 new beds at top of Boot Rd
• At junction of Fonthill/Convent Rd


Ninth Lock Road

• 4 new beds at junction of Ninth Lock/Nangor Rd
• Planting of new trees outside Dunnes Stores & Social Welfare Office


Watery Lane

• Supported and assisted in the creation of 2 new beds at St. Killians & Riversdale
• We intend to commence a complete re-design of green area outside Aras Chronain with the help of members of Muintir Chronain & Clondalkin Scouts.


Orchard Road

• Planting and regular maintenance of beds along Orchard Road
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)


Outside Civic Offices

• Planting and regular maintenance of beds and planter boxes outside Civic Offices
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)



Tower Road

• Planting and regular maintenance of beds along Tower Road
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)
• Planting of new trees


Old Nangor Road

• New beds at top of Old Nangor Road (Fonthill Road junction)



We maintain all the boxed planters throughout the village, planting bedding and spring/summer bulbs. We have also inserted new stone planters under the 'Chamber of Commerce' signs around the village and on approach roads.


The group recently took ownership of a hedgetrimmer and brushcutter and we have commenced works in areas. We are liaising with Clondalkin Scouts with the view of sharing their lawnmower for this year with the overall plan on buying our own. Storage and transport are current stumbling blocks.

The Built Environment

The Built Environment


Tidy Towns Result 2012: 28/50


Tidy Towns Result 2013: 30/50


TidyTowns 2013 comments: Well done on getting a grant from South Dublin County Council towards your signage project. Please include this in next year’s entry form as it was not completed for adjudication this year. The tree planting has been moved to the Landscaping category. The formation of the Round Tower group is noted. Please also include this in next year’s entry form if work is completed for next year’s competition. The Mount St Joseph’s site was visited and photographed. Perhaps you would also include this in next year’s entry form with a projected time frame for completing the project. At this stage a rough estimate will suffice. The cleaning of the CB Packaging site still has rubble and weeds. The ESSO site has been moved to the Tidiness category. Please include the Old Nangor Road wall in a future entry from when work has been carried out. It was noted that a small number of signs have been removed by South Dublin County Council. It is noted that an audit of projects for immediate and long term attention has been carried out. Clondalkin has a lot of character and its built heritage has contributed greatly to this.


It’s most iconic structure is, of course, the Round Tower. The library is a building that stands out. The 3 churches
make their own contribution. St John’s Church of Ireland and its graveyard looks the oldest. Its grounds and
graveyard are neat and tidy. The Church of the Immaculate Conception and St Killian and the adjoining convent
are imposing. There is a majestic copper beech in the grounds. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
is a modern building in extensive, well maintained grounds. Tully’s Castle is another historical building. By
contrast the Civic Centre and Plaza are modern and well presented with sculpture, seats, colourful planters and attractive signage. Nearby the Garda Station is a large modern functional building identified only by the Garda
lamp post outside it. The schools range from St Joseph’s Boys school (1813) celebrating its bi-centenary.
Congratulations to Gael Scoil Colaiste Chilliain.


Three others also deserve congratulations – Presentation Secondary School Colaiste Bride for winning the All Ireland Volleyball Championship 2012 and for their 5 Green Flags and Scoil Mhuire with its 5 Green Flags. Well done to all involved. The Credit Union building is eye-catching. Traditional shop fronts can still be seen in Clondalkin. Two examples are The Black Lion which also has colourful window boxes and Freynes Pharmacy. Clondalkin Leisure Centre is a fine modern building with a busy swimming pool, colourful outdoor children’s playground which was also busy. So were the mini-football pitches and the BMX track. Outdoor seats needed to be cleaned and painted. However, the entrance and car park at Old Nangor Road are a disgrace and will be dealt with in the Litter Control category and in the Tidiness category. Watercourses were chocked with rubbish and even with shopping trolleys. Mill Pond Road was a black spot. There are derelict buildings opposite the Gaelscoil.


Objective: The conservation and presentation of buildings, treatment of derelict sites, design, extent and suitability of civic amenities, general use or Irish language in signage.


Future Scope: To identify, collate and highlight buildings and their environs, within the confines of the Clondalkin Tidy Towns that are in need of not only immediate but continued conservation and preservation and to work in partnership with all stakeholders, including local authorities and volunteer bodies to ensure compliance with


Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013


  • Application to SDCC under 'Revitilising Villages Initiative' for grant funding towards new information signage for the village and a comprehensive tree planting project. SDCC have granted us €20,000 towards both projects. The tree planting project is near completion and trees have been planted. We intend meeting SDCC shortly to formalise plans on design and location of signage.


  • Round Tower site group formed with the help of Clondalkin Tidy Towns The Round Tower site incorporates not only the round tower but also the exterior wall, gate and surrounding derelict houses and cottages. A comprehensive ‘file’ has been opened pertaining to the objectives, minutes, diagrams, design of various meetings. An application for funding was submitted by the Clondalkin Heritage Society with support and input from Clondalkin Tidy Towns under the SDCC 'Revitilising Villages Initiative'.


  • Mount St. Josephs site - Clondalkin Tidy Towns were formally handed the keys to this wonderful site on Monastery Road. The group intends to restore the site and include it on any future walking map of Clondalkin


  • Ongoing liaison between Tidy Towns committee and SDCC and owners of properties at the following locations to combat derelictions issues:


  1. CB Packaging site, Ninth Lock Road - This consists of a rubble strewn site, weed infested and badly littered (site completely cleaned in May 2013 by owners following several requests from Clondalkin Tidy Towns)
  2. Former ESSO petrol station, Monastery Road - This derelict site  is infested with weeds and the walls of the property were badly painted with graffiti (we requested the cleaning of the site and graffiti was removed)
  3. “Lexington” Monastery Road - This house, formerly one of the best maintained in Clondalkin, has been allowed to deteriorate badly. The boundary wall is broken in places but has been painted by Clondalkin Tidy Towns. The site is badly littered and we have attempted to clean it but have been warned against. We have requested on numerous occasions that the owners (SIAC) clean the site.


  • Old Nangor Road wall - SDCC have agreed to ‘move’ the existing wall on Nangor Road and incorporate it into the Nangor Road road widening project. Clondalkin Tidy Towns were kept informed at all stages of this project and we requested that the wall be retained and preserved.


  • Derelict Signage & Street Furniture - SDCC agreed to our request to carry out an audit on same and remove any unwanted signs. A small number of signs have been removed or replaced so far. We are continuing with our request to see the removal of disused phone boxes from Main Street & New Road.


  • Voluntary Poster Ban - A voluntary poster ban was introduced in 2012 by Clondalkin Tidy Towns to the historic village centre. Plans to extend this to cover entire Tidy Towns boundary. The voluntary ban has been very well respected by all parties and especially during the recent referendum.


  • Shop Signage Grants - Ongoing discussions with SDCC and County Architect Eddie Conroy regarding the possibility of providing grants to local businesses/shops to upgrade shop fronts/signage through a rebate of rates paid by business owners. SDCC are interested and will bring plans before the Council.


  • Audit of 'Built Environment' carried out -  Areas identified for immediate and long term attention:


A. Round Tower site
B. Moyle Park boundary wall
C. Tower Road boundary wall
D. Gable Wall Tower Road
E. Gable Wall at Sherlock’s Solicitors, Main St.
F. Mount St. Joseph's Cemetery
G. Derelict Sites
H. Derelict Signage
I. Old Nangor Road wall
J. Clondalkin Library


A. Round Tower
See above


B. Moyle Park Boundary Wall
Brambles and ivy cleared from existing wall and painted. Wall needs to be repainted. Do we have photos before/after?


C. Tower Road boundary wall
Work ongoing to clear brambles and ivy from wall surrounding cottage beside Domino’s Pizza. Work commenced 16th March


D. Gable wall Tower Road
Need to identify ownership of same and put action in place to address this unsightly wall


E. Gable wall at Sherlock’s solicitors, Main St.,
Need to identify ownership of same and put action in place to address this unsightly wall.


F. Mount St. Joseph’s Cemetery
See above


G. Derelict Sites
See above


H. Derelict Signage
See above


I. Old Nangor Road wall
See above


J. Clondalkin library
This handsome redbrick and granite building was built in 1912, to a design by TJ Byrne, with the assistance of the Carnegie Trust. In order to preserve Clondalkin Library, which a the roof was replaced during 2012 by SDCC




Projects form an important part of Clondalkin Tidy Towns. Litter is often mistaken as the primary focus of the Tidy Towns work but the Tidy Towns initiative is much more than that issue alone. Tidy Towns is about looking at your town and identifying how to highlight the social, cultural and historical uniqueness for all to understand and enjoy. Clondalkin Tidy Towns is working with the South Dublin County Council alongside a number of organisations, schools, residential associations, business and community groups in developing new projects. No project is too big or too small as long as it enhances Clondalkin for all to enjoy.