Residential Areas

Residential Areas


Tidy Towns Result 2012: 25/40


Tidy Towns Result 2013: 25/40


TidyTowns 2013 comments: Your entry form marked out the boundaries for the TidyTowns area and it did not include housing estates or the wider residential area. This will have the effect of limiting your ability to score in this category. However, you do work with residents associations and you organise competitions such as Best Estate Entrance, etc. and this is commendable. You also paint boundary walls. There are residences in Condalkin that demand to be mentioned in this report – Church Terrace. It is almost as iconic as the Round Tower. A delightful terrace of stone 2 storey residences adorned with colourful hanging baskets and window boxes. They are very well presented and are evocative of times past. A plaque tells us that they were built in 1879, what a testament to the craftsmanship of the past.



Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013


• Clondalkin Village Summer Competition 2012 – Best Front Garden, Best Estate Entrance, Best Shop Front

• Painting of Boundary Walls  - Monastery Road (Lexington), Convent Road (Moyle Park)

• Painting of directional & street furniture

• Support with planting of flower beds at entrances to estates.