Roads, Streets & Back Areas

Roads, Streets & Back Areas


Tidy Towns Result 2012: 28/50


Tidy Towns Result 2013: 28/50


TidyTowns 2013 comments: Approach roads are important in creating the first impression of a town or village. Clondalkin has attractive name signs erected in key locations by the Chamber of Commerce. They enhance the first impression of Clondalkin. The approach off the Naas Road on the Monastery Road has a landscaped roundabout with a town name stone. Also an attractive Chamber of Commerce name sign. A good first impression of Clondalkin. The approach at the top of Boot Road has a town name stone with flowers. The Boot Road/Fonthill Road junction also has a Chamber of Commerce sign and flowers. However, there are too many poles, signs, etc. which obscure the
name sign. Road surfaces are good and there are no issues arising in this category.



Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013


• Removal of ivy from stone walls throughout village

• Painting of boundary walls

• Spraying of weeds

• Removal of Graffiti

• Strimming of grass

• Hedge Trimming

• Removal of ivy from granite bridge on Old Nangor Road

• Consultation with SDCC in relation to moving of wall on old Nangor Road and creation of new footpath – ensuring old wall is restored and preserved.