Wildlife & Nature Amenities

Wildlife & Nature Amenities


Tidy Towns Result 2012:  17/50


Tidy Towns Result 2012:  18/50


TidyTowns 2013 comments: The Clondalkin Leisure Centre report and the Camac River survey made interesting, if distressing, reading. The official neglect of these precious amenity areas is almost beyond belief. It is without question the most littered, vandalised and graffitied public amenity that this adjudicator has seen and ever wants to see. In your tree planting programme please include fruit trees to provide food for wildlife. Also, many of the schools have mature trees and could put up bird boxes in these. They could also be encouraged to monitor these to determine which are used and by what species. They could also be encouraged to plant flowers that attract butterflies. Many of the schools are in the Green Flag Programme and these practical projects would fit in with that programme.




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Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 /2013

• We carried out a study of the lands of Clondalkin Leisure Centre and Clondalkin Park. The lands of Clondalkin Leisure Centre and the River Camac that flows through the park are key elements of the Clondalkin Tidy Towns entry in the national tidy towns competition. The park and river provide the group with an important wildlife and nature amenity.


• The Clondalkin Tidy Towns group also commissioned a study of the river Camac and sections of the park to establish current flora and fauna and to identify ways to conserve the existing amenities and encourage wildlife, nature trails by providing appropriate signage and access. The survey was carried out by Katherine Duff and Fridolin Kerr of the Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club with assistance from Roisin Kearney of An Taisce.


We presented both reports to SDCC and all local elected representatives to highlight issues while also showcasing the work we have done on all fronts. Our National Spring Clean 2013 event took place in Clondalkin Park where over 50 people turned out to help pick litter, remove graffiti and clean sections of the river.