Tidy Towns 2012 Result: 28/50


Tidy Towns 2013 Result: 30/50


TidyTowns 2013 comments: You have a very active planting programme. However, the emphasis may be a little too much on flowers rather than shrubs and trees. Your summer colours are vibrant and uplifting but TidyTowns does like to see planting for year round effect in addition to the lovely hanging baskets and well filled planters around the town. The Civic Centre Plaza would be the poorer but for the large wooden planters. A TidyTowns team hard at work on St John’s Wood spotted this adjudicator and salutations were exchanged.



Objective: Appropriate selection and siting of trees, shrubs and flowers for a year-round effect, maintenance of planted areas, management of open areas.


Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013


As part of our tree planting project, and in conjunction with South Dublin County Council, we had 22 new trees planted around the village (locations shown on map)

• 20 hornbeam
• 2 silver birch



New flower beds:


Monastery Road


• Monastery Road outside Round Towers Pitches
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)
• New Bed near Woodford Hill roundabout near entrance to SIAC
• We have identified the small roundabout at the top of Monastery Road near IBIS hotel for planting of a feature tree and shrubs. We hope to carry out this work during summer 2013.


Boot Road

• 2 new beds at top of Boot Rd
• At junction of Fonthill/Convent Rd


Ninth Lock Road

• 4 new beds at junction of Ninth Lock/Nangor Rd
• Planting of new trees outside Dunnes Stores & Social Welfare Office


Watery Lane

• Supported and assisted in the creation of 2 new beds at St. Killians & Riversdale
• We intend to commence a complete re-design of green area outside Aras Chronain with the help of members of Muintir Chronain & Clondalkin Scouts.


Orchard Road

• Planting and regular maintenance of beds along Orchard Road
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)


Outside Civic Offices

• Planting and regular maintenance of beds and planter boxes outside Civic Offices
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)



Tower Road

• Planting and regular maintenance of beds along Tower Road
• Spring bulbs planted (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses)
• Planting of new trees


Old Nangor Road

• New beds at top of Old Nangor Road (Fonthill Road junction)



We maintain all the boxed planters throughout the village, planting bedding and spring/summer bulbs. We have also inserted new stone planters under the 'Chamber of Commerce' signs around the village and on approach roads.


The group recently took ownership of a hedgetrimmer and brushcutter and we have commenced works in areas. We are liaising with Clondalkin Scouts with the view of sharing their lawnmower for this year with the overall plan on buying our own. Storage and transport are current stumbling blocks.