St. Josephs

St. Joseph's



St. Joseph’s B.N.S. is a Catholic school located on Boot Road in Clondalkin village. The school is child- centred and community focused, welcoming all children from all nationalities and religious backgrounds. The school has a long and proud tradition. It was founded by the Carmalite order in 1811 but was not officially opened until 1814. At that time there were more than 100 boys attending the school. Now there are four times that number enrolled. The school boasts a long tradition of Christian values and today those values are at the core of our school. They can be summed up by the 4Cs: Care, Courtesy, Consideration and Co-operation. The practice of these values lies at the heart of St. Joseph’s, making it a friendly, caring and inclusive place to learn.


The school excels in music, sport and science, providing opportunities for all children to discover and develop their talents. They are also a Green school, working towards their fourth Green Flag. The pupils play a very active role in looking after the school – planting flowers and shrubs, working in the school garden and their litter team makes sure the school is always clean and tidy.





6th Class students visit Mount St. Josephs Graveyard


The pupils of 6th class in St. Josephs together with their teacher Paul and assistants Marie and Ann revisited Mount St.Josephs Graveyard on Monastery Road last Friday and planted daffodils in the graveyard.