Planning Permission for Bus Shelter on Convent Road Refused by SDCC

Dublin Bus recently applied for planning permission to construct a 6.6m x 1.4m stainless steel/glass bus shelter outside Tesco on Convent Road in place of the existing bus stop. The application was refused by SDCC on the 11th January 2013 for the following reasons.

1. The proposed development, by reason of its location and scale, woul dreduce the width of the busy public footpath to an unacceptable level and would endanger public safety by reasons of traffic hazzard or obstruction of road users.

2. The proposed bus shelter would be located unacceptably close to an established surface water sewer therby impeding access to and maintenance of this sewer.

SDCC also noted that the proposed bus shelter would represent visual clutter and a proliferation of advertising within the Clondalkin Architectural Conservation Area.