Clondalkin Poster Ban


Clondalkin Village - A Poster Free Area


Clondalkin TidyTowns introduced a poster ban for the centre of Clondalkin Village with the support of the locally elected representatives, to protect and enhance our historic village. The ban represents a voluntary request that all posters be kept out of the historic centre of the village.


The Poster-free zone can be seen in the above map, marked in orange. Our Tidy Town area is shown in a black dotted line with the outer boundary shown by red dots.

The agreed limits for poster ban where:


* Village Centre

* Convent Road/Boot Road Junction with Fonthill Road (traffic lights)

* New Road - Entrance to St. Brigid's Estate

* Monastery Road - Library

* Old Nangor Road - Main Entrance to Leisure Centre carpark

* Watery Lane - Entrance to Áras Chrónáin

* 9th Lock Road - Entrance to SDCC carpark (Social Welfare office entrance)



The voluntary poster ban in Clondalkin Village has been very well respected by all groups and parties to date with the exception of one group.   We would like to thank all groups and parties respecting the poster ban.


We have had difficulty in identifying the owners of these posters as the names of the printers and publishers are not visible on the signs.


We have now identified who we believe are the owners of the posters and have begun asking that theybe removed. We have also asked SDCC to investigate the legalities of these posters.


We are also aware that other towns such as Cobh in Co. Cork, are having similar issues with these posters. Cobh Tidy Towns  also have a very successful poster ban in place for many years.